How To Create 3D Text Effect Using Layer Styles In Photoshop

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In this Photoshop tutorial, I am going to show you how to create 3D Text Effect using layer style in Photoshop. This is the second text effect in this blog.

For your information, I don’t used the 3D tool to create the effecst, but I think it’s ok because I found that using layer style also give you almost the exact result. At least, I felt so. Also, it give you chances to know more about how far the layer style capable of. Read all ‘till the end result how to create the effect, so you can make your own 3D text effect.

Let’s get start!

Because you will make it from scratch, of course you’ll need to create a new document by go to File – New Document or simply use Ctrl + N on your windows keyboard as the shortcut key. Here’s the settings I made for it.

3D text effect document settings.
The second step we’ll be dealing with the background color. For that, we’ll use the gradient overlay in layer style option. But, you can also use gradient overlay in your adjustment layer. One of both will have the same effect to the background layer, as long you apply the settings as image below.

3D text effect gradient overlay background settings.
Now, that would be the last step for the background. You are no longer need any of adjustments to be applied for this layer to get the same result as I did.

For the next step until the last, there are nothing to do but dealing with the text. For that, you will need 2 layers containts with text and its effects. For the first layer of the text, go to the Photoshop toolbar and choose Horizontal Type Tool (T). Then, type the words “NAILED IT” or feel free to type the words as you like. After that, change the layer name as “Base”. This base layer we’ll be used as the background effect of the main text to get the 3D looks.

By the way, I used BaronNeue font for this tutorial that you can download it from If you see at image below, you may find that I used pink color for the text. And to be honest, it doesn’t matter what colors you’ll be using for this because later it will be covered with the second text layer.

3D text effect font settings.
Now, you have typed the words. Next, let’s apply some of the layer style to get all effects we need. Make sure you select the base or your first text layer, then double-click on it to open the layer style option. First style you’ll need to give the stroke to the text with settings as below.

Stroke settings for first text layer.
After that, choose outer glow. This time, it will not as soft glowing as usual but will looks like a stroke to get a little bit details for the text egdes. You’ll be see the small differences later when you’ve had applied the effects for the second text layer. So, here are the settings for outer glow.

Outer glow settings for first text layer.
The next step is apply shadow to the text by choosing the drop shadow. This is also the last step for the base layer. For the color, choose black (color code: 000000). After you have applied the drop shadow settings as image below, press Ok to close the layer style option.
Drop shadow settings for first text layer.
So far, this is how the first text layer looks like.

First text layer (base layer) preview.
Now, let’s create the second text layer. To do that, duplicate the base layer by press Ctrl + J on your keyboard and rename it as “Effect”. Then, right click on it and choose Clear Layer Style to remove all styles that have been applied before. After that, open the layer style option to apply some different effects.

When you have opened it, choose Bevel and Emboss and make settings as below.

Bevel and emboss settings for 3D text effect.
Below bevel and emboss choose (check) the Contour and also apply settings as I've made.

Prefiew of Contour settings.
Then, the second effect to choose is stroke. This time we’ll be different as stroke in the base layer. We’ll give this stroke to make a big and strong edges to the text.

Stroke settings.
Next is giving the shadow inside the text using Inner Shadow to make its look more like 3D effect.

Inner shadow settings.
After that, add Satin effect so the text appears a bit shiny.

Satin settings.
Maybe you are wondering, why the text color have not been changed yet, right? So, let’s cover the pink color as I said before with gradient overlay. You are still in layer style option, no need to close it now. Ok, now choose gradient overlay and make settings as I did. This step will answer how your 3D text will appears. But, it’s not the last step.

Gradient overlay for second text layer settings.
There you go. Satisfied with the result so far? Don’t be! Because you have seen the first image above as a result of this tutorial, so there is still a bit burden on my shoulder to show you the last step. And that will be adding shadow to your text using Drop Shadow.

Drop shadow settings for 3D text effect. This is the very last settings to be applied.

That’s the end of tutorial on how to make 3D text effect using layer style in Photoshop. I know I have make you get bored with the tutorial and I won’t interfere more with your time. Enjoy your life!

And, as always. I have made this tutorial in the night when I got ill and many more dramas to bring up this to you. So, please help me to share this tutorial with others. There might be many more people want to read this. Also, if you have questions about this 3D text effect, let me know in the comment below. Check out my other Photoshop tutorials and see you next time!

Ooppss… Wanna have the PSD file of this?

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