How to Make a Simple Gold Text Effect Using Layer Styles in Photoshop


You can use gold text effect for various needs such as product advertisements, movie posters, banners, etc. Or you just want to know hows the Adobe Photoshop works for this effect.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to make a simple gold text effect using layer styles in Photoshop. It's just a simple effect for newbies (like me or maybe you) who just started learning using Adobe Photoshop.

I'll try to make this simple and easy to follow so you can have the same result as i did. You can also download the PSD file's at the end of this photoshop tutorial. Read all the step by step of this section.

Step 1: Make a New Document

Open your photoshop and create a new document simply by pressing Ctrl+N on your keyboard. Let’s name the new document as “Gold Text”. Set the Width: 650 px and Height 450 px, Resolution: 72 PPI. You can freely set the Background Contents as Transparent or White, or any other colour suits you. Then press Ok to close the dialog box. I have changed the background color to dark chocolate (1a1200).


Step 2: Text Settings

Go to toolbar and choose Horizontal Type Tool or press T on your keyboard to access it. After chosen the type tool, click on the work board and start typing. This time let’s just type “GOLD” word. This tutorial used Ebrima as its font, with font Size: 200 pt. You’ll find that now you have two layers. The second layer will automatically named as Gold.


3. Adding Layer Styles

Open layer style by double-click the Gold layer. First, let’s add shadow to the text. Click on Drop Shadow to make settings or adjustments. Use Black color as shadow and change the Blend Mode to Multiply. Set its Opacity to 10 %, Angle: 180° (Uncheck the Global Light), Distance: 1 px, Spread: 30 px, Size: 8 px. See below image for the shadow settings.


After changed the setting on drop shadow, now add a gradient to the text.


Now, we will add satin effect to the text. Click on Satin and make some changes. Change the Blend Mode to Color Dodge, choose White color, set Opacity to 27 %, Angle: 19°, Distance: 11 px, Size: 16 px, Contour: Gaussian (This is Photosho default contour), and don’t forget to check the Invert box.


The next thing to do is apply our text with Inner Glow. There are various colors used in this step you can see in the below image.


After you have applied the Inner Glow, now you have to go to the Inner Shadow. I used light orange color in this step as shown below.


This is the very last step for this tutorial. In this step, you will give a golden Stroke to the text.


That’s it.
If you follow my instructions from the first step, you’ll get result as image below.


If you find this tutorial give one or more benefits for you, share this tutorial with your friends. You can also give me questions about how to make this gold text effect using Photoshop if you find yourself confused by my step by step instructions.

Also, check my other Photoshop Tutorials in this blog. Remember, there are more tutorials to come in the future days. Contact me to download this Gold Text Effect!

I have big enthusiasm in photography and graphic design. And, most of both topics will be covered in Repixel. If you find some good tutorials, feel free to share them. Also, keep in touch with me using all social medias available here or signup to stay updates.

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