How To Convert Your Color Photos Into Better Black And White Using Photoshop In Just 2 Steps


Many of us are taking colorful images using various type of cameras, whether using a DSLR or our phone, etc. It is one of the common senses of photography world to display images as its own reality.

For one or some reasons, there are times when you want to convert your colorful images into black and white photography to communicate the deepest messages of your concerns. I, myself always assumes that B&W photos have more interesting, soulful and more powerful messages to be felt.

I am not a professional photographer, but admit it that if you love this field, you'll be try again and again to shot beautiful and stunning photographs that you love or trying to tell others about what you are agitated about.


...whatever you are reasoning about to make a better of this two color pictures, in this photoshop tutorial, i'll show you two simple and easy steps to make your own black and white photography.

I am using image from Pixabay, that have good focus contains with clear background and simple textures. So, if you want to apply this tutorial using your own image, it would be better to use the closest one as I did.

In this tutorial, I just used 2 adjustment layers which are Brightness/Contrast and Black & White. It's great to use this adjustment layer since it very helpful to edit your images in a non-destructively way.

Let us start!

Step 1. Brightness and contrast

As I have mentioned before, one of two adjustment layers used is this. So, you will need to increase both the brightness and contrast of your image.

To do this, go to Create a new fill and adjustment layer on the bottom of your layer panel and you'll find it there. Set the slider to the right or type the values as I did. You can always experiment about the value as you need if using your own image. Here's mine.


Pretty easy, right?
And now you have finished the first step.

Step 2. Turning image into black and white

Yes. This is your last step.

Now, access the Black & White adjustment layer as you found brightness/contrast. There are many you can see there and it is not hard to find it. Using this adjustment layer is good and more excited since it provide six colors to stroke tones of your photos to turn them lighter or darker. For me, it is the most precise technique that very powerful to target certain of colors.

When you have opened it, set all the color value as below. I used the default preset in this tutorial.


If you have different image, put your interest to the colors in your image. You can also choose the auto option available to see how photoshop create a B&W image, automatically.

Now, you are completely done and have got your own black and white photo as you need. Save or export it now and share it with the world.


There are some other ways as well to make a black and white conversion of your photographs and this is only one that I can share with you at the moment. But, this technique you just learnt is a better way to achieve the photo effect since I showed you to do it in a non-destructive way so your original image still keep in a safe layer.

If you like this tutorial, share it to help me spread the technique. You can also let me know in the comment below if you have different ways to get the same effect.

Feel free to check my photo effect tutorials and others to help your learning process such as soft glowing effect or maybe create a horror text effect. You choose.
Have fun.

I have big enthusiasm in photography and graphic design. And, most of both topics will be covered in Repixel. If you find some good tutorials, feel free to share them. Also, keep in touch with me using all social medias available here or signup to stay updates.

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