How To Design An Origami Ads Banner Using Adobe Photoshop CS6


How to design an origami ads banner using Adobe Photoshop CS6. Yes. That’s what I will show you at the moment.

There are many ads banner designs in the world and also come up with various concepts. This time one of that concepts will be the origami. If you use the earlier versions of photoshop, I think it shall not be a matter since I just used simple tools and effects to achieve the design as above image.

This ads banner design itself can be used in many ways or medias. You may want to put it in your blog to tell others if they are looking spaces for online advertisement, put it on outdoor baliho or something else's where banner graphic will be useful.

But, if you are here just to know how to design one, so let’s get it started.

Step 1. New Document Dimensions

If you have opened your Adobe Photoshop, press Ctrl + N on your keyboard (Windows) as the shortcut key to make a new document. The dimensions of it are 800 x 800 pixels (Width and height have same size) and used white as its background color with 72 pixel/inch for resolution. Click Ok if you have set all settings for this document.

After that, find Pen Tool on your toolbar to create shapes that needed for the origami. Totally, you will have to create five shapes in this tutorial.

If you have chosen the tool and while it is still activated, put your attention to the option bar located directly below your Photoshop menus and pick shape in its drop down options. This step will help you to create anything using pen tool. So, whatever forms you draw, using this tool will allowed you to transform them into shape format (vector), not the rasterized graphics.


*Before you continue reading:
You can read tips I gave in the end of this tutorial if you are not familiar using Pen Tool.

Step 2. Start Drawing

As one of drawing tools, now you can start drawing the five shapes I have mentioned earlier. Each of them separated in their own layers. So, because you will draw 5, you will also have 5 layers later. In below image, I have five shapes with different colors. I marked all of them using number 1,2, until number 5 to guide you how I did this step.


Above image showed you that you have to change the colors of number 1 and 4, and leave the rests as you have created before. You can use any colors to be applied to the other 3 shapes, it doesn’t matter because we’ll deal with them later.

Also, arrange all of the layers in ordered list as shown, so they can overlayed perfectly and to prevent faults if you are drawing the shapes too bigger or else's.

Step 3. Using layer styles to apply some effects

If you have created all shapes, now let’s put one or some effects to them. In this tutorial, I skipped number 1 layer without any adjustments or effects. So, you just need to give the effects to the last four layers.

Now, we’ll start with layer number 2.

Double click on it to open layer style or you can also right click on the layer and choose Blending Options. There are two effects will be given for this layer, which are Bevel & Emboss and Gradient Overlay.

Check the bevel and emboss style and apply settings as below.


Then, check also the gradient overlay. Here’s settings I made for this step.


Click Ok to close the dialog box when you have finished and now let’s working on the next layer which is layer number 3.

Again, open the layer style as before. In this layer you will also apply two effects and both are the same as in number 2 layer. Here are settings you should apply to get the same result as mine.

Bevel and Emboss settings for number 3 layer:


Gradient Overlay settings for number 3 layer:


Now, we’ll move to the layer 4. In this layer, you just need to apply Inner Shadow in your layer style.


Ok, great. It is the time to finish the layer style. Now, you’ll working on layer number 5 as the last shape layers. There are two effect you will apply, both are Inner Shadow and (again) Gradient Overlay. Follow the instructions below for all settings.

Inner shadow settings:


Gradient Overlay settings:


So far, this is the image of your design result.


Well, you are still doing great, right?
You are completely done dealing with all shape layers at the moment. You should be proud of yourself, shouldn’t you?

Brave yourself and let’s continue to the finish line!
Nope! I mean the next steps.

Step 4. Put simple CTA Words

As you have saw in the final result image above (first image), I also included two texts as the simple CTA (Call to action) words to get people put advertisements. Both are also separated into two layers. First is for word “Advertize” and the last one is “Here”.

Let’s make both of them appear in your ads banner design!

First thing to do is using Horizontal Type Tool (T) that you can find on photoshop toolbar. Then, click on your document to start typing the text “ADVERTIZE”. After that, while your type tool still active (selected), see the option bar and find “Create warped text”. Yes, we’ll warping up our first text. Choose Shell Upper as its style and make adjustments as below image. Don’t forget to press Ok when finished.


In this first text layer, we will also need to use layer style to create shadow for the text. So, open the blending options and find Drop Shadow to apply settings as below.


When you have press Ok, now you will deal with the last layer which is to type the word “HERE”.

YES. I PROMISE this is the last and will be the end of this tutorial. So, go pick again the type tool as before and start type your word.


In this last word, you don’t need to warping the text. So, just open the layer style to apply simple shadow effect just as same as your first word. Or, you can simply right click on the advertize layer and choose Copy Layer Style, then back to your last text layer – right click on it – and choose Paste Layer Style.

That’s it. Congratulation!
You are now completely DONE! You can save the file of your ads design in any type of image formats you want.

But wait…

…there are somethings I want to say.

NO.NO.NO. It’s not some additional steps for this tutorial. Believe me, you have reach the finish line. I just wanna give you some tips when designing this ads banner.

Here they are:
  • If you found yourself so hard and difficult on making the five shapes (origami) using Pen Tool, then just use others such as Rectangle Tool (U) and Custom Shape Tool. If you decide to use one of both, keep in mind that you need to transform (Ctrl + T) the shapes to get the same result.
  • You can also try to create the origami shapes using selection tool like Polygon Lasso Tool (L) and putting color in it (Shift + F5) then transform them to get the shapes alike.
  • You have known that I skipped the layer number 1 without any effects applied, but if you want to put one or some, feel free to use any of blending options as your choice. But, so far it is fine to me.
  • Experiment with other gradient colors to find what you might like and feel interesting.
Need more useful tips? Just follow me by your E-mail using available form in this blog located on the right sidebar.

You can also try to help me to HELP OTHERS by share this tutorial in your facebook or twitter. Also, look around in this blog to see my other photoshop tutorials, you may find some interesting stuffs in here.

If you have any questions especially about this ads banner design, you can leave your comments below before it is too late (What!?).

Thank you for landed here and can’t wait to hear some interesting informations from you.

I have big enthusiasm in photography and graphic design. And, most of both topics will be covered in Repixel. If you find some good tutorials, feel free to share them. Also, keep in touch with me using all social medias available here or signup to stay updates.

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