How To Enhance Colors Of Your Image In Under 5 Minutes Using Photoshop


I am very glad to have you here.

In this quick Photoshop Tutorial, my pleasure to show you how to enhance the colors of your image in under five minutes. In fact, this only take two steps by using two adjustment layers in Photoshop.

Yup. You read it right.
Easy and quick as couple of minutes of your times.

For your information, this is the second photo effects I wrote in this blog. Before, I have posted about popping colors and give warmth to your photograph. Feel free to read the tutorial as well.

I am also one of the photography lover, and maybe you too as well. I have big passions and enthusiasm to enjoy and create some photography works that could be reminded of, could make people feel somethings.

As one of whom admiring of other works, I am not saying that I have talent to produce the great images. But, hope one day I’ll have chances to achieve what I deserve. Still working on that.

Now, let me tell you something that I sometime faces when dealing with photography.

Me and maybe you often finds that there are technical issues in this field. It could be the camera technologies that have not been upgraded or could be the lightning conditions that we can’t control, and you and I still don’t know how to avoid it. In the first stage, everybody is an amateur, right?

I am not saying that the old camera doesn’t have a great quality. Not at all. Especially when the great results depending on who hold the tools. In the right hand – that have deep understanding about cameras – we could find many of masterpieces. Mesmerzing photographs. Outstanding. Amazing. You name it.

But, this time I won’t talk about that georgous images. Nope.

Take another look of your new images or the old ones that you have been shot in your notebook folders. You may find some of them need to be enhanced, whether the colors or lightning effects. And, that’s why I brought this tutorial to you. By popping up a little of the colors, you may find that you can have a more interesting pictures.

And I also hope this tutorial will give you an ease to deliver the messages you are trying to communicate. Before we start, take a look for once to the original image we are going to be working on.


Let’s begin!

1. Dealing with skin tones

First, go to Pixabay to download the image.

If you have downloaded and opened your image in Photoshop, go find the create a new fill or adjustment layer in the bottom of your layer panel, click on it and choose Vibrance. Remember, this adjustment layer allowed you to work in a non-destructively layer.


Set the its vibrance value to +100 and just leave the saturation alone.


Using vibrance can help you tweak all the colors in your picture in a natural way. And it is so much helpful when facing with image consist of human in it. Although you have set the value to the maximum, mostly your skin tones won’t look weird than using saturation adjustment.

2. Tweak up certain colors of image

Now, do the same step as point one above. But, this time you are going to choose the Selective Color. It is located in the bottom of your adjustment layer.

When its tab properties showed up beside your layer panel, go find the colors (drop down options) and choose yellow since our exercise image contain its color and also others.

In this yellow color, set the cyan to -12 and leave the rests as shown in below image.


The second colors to deal with is green. Also change the cyan setting to +48.


Then, find cyans and make settings as I did.


You are now have changed 3 colors, and we still have one last to be set up which is the blues. Set the cyans to +100 %, magenta: +20 % and black: +20 % as well.


Are there another next steps to get the exact result as I got?


It is completely done. Congratulation. Now, you have enhanced your image using Photoshop.

Quick and easy, right?

You have found in the first step how to tweak the skin tones, but if you just have a completely a landscape or nature image, you may want to try using the saturation. Try the vibrance as well since it can boost up the colors naturally.

The vibrance itself not only can increase the vividness of your image, but it is also not as strong as they would be in saturation and is the reason why I used it in this tutorial.

The second step showed you how to change the particular colors of your picture and also tweak them up or just reduce or increase the contrast.

Now, I would love to hear from you. Did you get the same result as I did when using the same image or not?

Or have you try different images using this tutorial?

Leave a comment below so I know how can I help you if you find some difficulties or confuse with my steps.

Check also other Photoshop Tutorials in this blog and don’t forget to share this easy tutorial to help your friends.

I have big enthusiasm in photography and graphic design. And, most of both topics will be covered in Repixel. If you find some good tutorials, feel free to share them. Also, keep in touch with me using all social medias available here or signup to stay updates.

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