How To Add Text On Picture And Style It In Adobe Photoshop CS6


Adding text or words on pictures is a great way to get more visibilities to your photos and also can be very helpful to deliver the messages you are trying to communicate. Using the simple styles to your text and place it in a proper location on your picture are also wonderful to get the better compotition which can bring out the way how your photograph will be seen and felt by others.

Keep in mind that there are many reasons why people want to add text on their pictures. Beside above reasons, people also tend to make such meme pictures, putting quote, or just adding other visual element with short message rather than type in a long paragraph or just make a document contain only with text.

Beside add text on pictures, you can also make the opposite one: Put image inside text.

Let's just jump into Adobe Photoshop CS6 and see how it is done. I believe you are also capable to follow along this tutorial using the earlier versions of Photoshop.

Open your image in Photoshop

Put your image into Photoshop is always the easiest one. You can select your image in your folder or drive, then drag and drop it directly when you have opened the program. Or, you can also go to File - Open (Ctrl + O as the shortcut key) and find where you have saved the image in your computer or notebook's folder.

If you have find it, click the image and press Open on the dialog box to load it automatically into new Photoshop's document.

Adding text on your picture

Now, you have just opened your photo. The next thing to do is add your text or words, those can be your business informations, a quote or any type of messages you want to deliver.

If you have find an idea what to type, now go to the toolbar or tools panel that commonly located on the left side to choose which type tools you want to use. The type tools themselves symbolized with the T letter and have four options which are horizontal-vertical type tool and horizontal-vertical type mask tool. Those 4 options will be appeared if only you click on the symbol and hold it a bit moment.

For this tutorial, I'll be using the Horizontal Type Tool which is a common way to type, located on top of other options that available.


If you have done selected the type tool, now click on the picture to start typing the text. To make changes to the text, beside using the option bar, you can also use the Character panel by accessing Window - Character. It will be shown at the tools panel on the left of your layer. See below image where it located and settings I made for the text.


On above image, you'll see the paragraph option. Click it and align the text to the center. After that, let's give a bit effect to the text which in this case I only apply Drop Shadow effect using layer style. To do that, simply double click on the text layer and the layer style will open, automatically. Here are settings I applied to the text.


Add other visual elements

Beside text, you can also playing around by add logo or other visual elements. I decided to add an leaf ornament on the picture to frame the text. To do that, go to the toolbar and find Shape Tool. Press and hold it a bit to open other shape tool options and choose Custom Shape Tool. When you have selected it, Photoshop will automatically show the shape option bar below the menus. On the right of option bar, you'll be find the Shape and its drop down menu to let you choose which shapes you are going to use. Find the leaf ornament in there. See below image.


Press Shift on your keyboard while drag the leaf ornament on picture to avoid the shape distortion. Feel free to make your own shape's size or dimensions.

Keep in mind that to make 4 leaf ornaments as shown at above image (first image of this tutorial as the final result preview), you need to duplicate the first shape once and then press Ctrl + T to transform it. After that, right click on the shape and choose Flip Horizontal. Set the proper distance between two ornaments and select both of the shape layers to merge the shape into one by right click and choose Merge Shapes. To know more about this, read my previous tutorial about merging shapes in Photoshop.

Then, apply drop shadow style to the shape layer as before by right click on text layer and choose Copy Layer Style. Go back to the shape layer and right click on it, then choose Paste Layer Style.

Important Note:
Place the text and ornaments on a proper position on your picture to find better composition. Follow along where I put them if you get confused about this.

Create a folding paper effect

If you see the final result image above, there is a straight or horizontal line between the text and the tree that create such a folding paper effect.

To create such effect, make a new layer in your document which it will be the top layer. Then use Rectangular Marquee Tool on your toolbar or simply press M on your keyboard to make selection. Drop and drag the selection from top-left to the bottom (between text and tree).


While your selection still active, press Shift + F5 on your keyboard and fill the layer with any colors you want. Press Ctrl + D to remove the selection and change the fill of this layer to 0% to hide the color.

To make the shadow or effect as mentioned before, open the layer style and choose Drop Shadow. Here's settings I made for this step.


And, that will be the end of this tutorial. If you found one or some confusions about steps I wrote above, let me know right away by put your question in comment section below.

Beside add text on picture using Adobe Photoshop CS6, you can also learn more about text effect like make pixelate effect or the basic one I have posted before for outlining your text.

Hope this will bring more benefits to you and can help to add some skills for your learning process. Catch you later in the next articles or tutorials and don't forget to share this to the others.

I have big enthusiasm in photography and graphic design. And, most of both topics will be covered in Repixel. If you find some good tutorials, feel free to share them. Also, keep in touch with me using all social medias available here or signup to stay updates.

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